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Camping schetsen

Deze zomer stonden we op een gezellige camping in Frankrijk. Ik had een mooi nieuw schetsboek mee, en een etui vol teken spullen – maar verwachtte niet veel tijd te hebben om te kunnen tekenen. Een heerlijke verassing dus om te ontdekken dat ik echt elke dag een uurtje of 2 aan de slag kon! De jongens zaten het liefst in het zwembad of in het beekje, samen met papa – terwijl ik alle rust had om deze schetsjes te maken!

Feeling a bit too….young

Last week I was sitting in the office of my hearing aid care professionals, when it suddenly hit me that I was quite out of place there – all the clients, even the ones on the posters adorning the office, are old, sporting grey hair or a walking cane. That’s when it hits you your hearing loss isn’t normal for your age – it’s a thing you start dealing with when you’re maybe 50 or hopefully much older.

Kids….never a dull moment!

A while ago I went to the Intratuin and the boys were hungry, so we sat down for a drink and a bite. Of course the boys couldn’t be still for a moment, and I got quite some stares and glares, especially from elderly people – who wanted to enjoy their coffee in peace.

Sorry guys, my boys don’t have a ‘mute’ or ‘off’ button….and believe me, sometimes I wish they did. Or at the least, a ‘quiet mode’. ????


Morning gympnastics

At least once a day our couch is dismantled, and the cushions are all laid out to make a bouncy gymnastics area. With a dramatic run – bounce – jump – crash – roll Jaeden tackles our poor couch over and over again…. At least he’s getting his daily workout. ????  Here he’s all set to bounce from pillow to pillow…. (note his new pyjama’s…… he’d wear them 24/7 if I’d let him).